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About Us

Bright Seeds International Kindergarten opened its doors to children aged 18 months to 6 years old in Nimmanhaemin in August 2019. Conveniently located, our school focuses on providing a safe and happy learning environment for your child to grow and develop with the guidance of fully qualified teachers.

Our Vision

“Nurturing Young Minds to Become Kind & Happy Lifelong Learners”

We aim to do this by implementing the inspiring child-led Reggio Emilia approach as a platform for delivering the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), the most internationally accepted early childhood education (ECE) curriculum in the world. Our Goal is for each child to develop a love for learning, to be well-rounded and equipped with the skills needed to be a responsible Global citizen.

Our Mission Statement

 •  Provide the community with a well-balanced and quality education within a happy and stimulating atmosphere.

 •  Value Every child and each of their achievements, be it academic, sporting, musical, artistic or creative.

 •  Encourage children to relish and explore every opportunity, and to extend their individual talents and interests.

 •  Nurture independence and self-confidence, combined with tolerance and sensitivity of needs and attitudes to others.

 •  Prepare our children for an exciting future, so that they will leave Bright Seeds confidently accepting life’s challenges in a spirit of determination and adventure.

Bright Seeds Kindergarten

Independent Thinkers
& Communicators


Creative Individuals


Social Contributors


Independent Thinkers
& Communicators


Creative Individuals


Curious Minds


Team Players

Bright Seeds Kindergarten

Curious Minds


Team Players

Meet Our Team

Mr. Veerathep Chawla

Managing Director

Mr.Veerathep was a student at Montfort College, Chiang Mai, until he was 13 years old. He completed his secondary education in a Boarding school in England and obtained both his Bachelors and Masters Degree from the University of Nottingham, UK.

“We have a passion in nurturing the future of our world, young children, to become kind and happy lifelong learners. We wish to do this through a balanced approach of developing physical growth, emotional intelligence, social skills, and academic knowledge, while ensuring parents and qualified teachers are the key components in delivering this vision. We highly value Thai culture and etiquette, and believe that this should be cultivated in children while encouraging them to have respect for one and all; and to positively contribute to the world we live in.”

Ms. Amrita Sachdev Chawla

Director / Head of school

Ms Amrita is a qualified teacher with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Exeter, UK, and a Bachelor’s degree with First class honors in Biology (Pharmacology) from the University of Edinburgh, UK. She was a Science teacher and an Assistant Head of House at Harrow International School, Bangkok, before becoming a full time mum.

“As a teacher and a mum, I am passionate in my role of guiding each child to discover and maximize their individual potential in their learning journey. It is very important to me that children feel secure and comfortable to voice their opinions and curiosity in their quest for knowledge.

I firmly believe that we must work together to cultivate kindness and respect for one another into the seeds of our future generation; and I truly aspire for this to be achieved at Bright Seeds.”

Dr. Lek Sachathep


Dr. Lek Sachathep has a PHD in Linguistics (specializing in learning and teaching) from Chulalongkorn University. She was an English Language lecturer at Chulalongkorn University from 2009 to 2017. In 2011, she became the founder of the Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Following the success of this school, Kids Kingdom Play Center was launched in Pleonchit in 2017 and already has a waiting list.

Ms.Wanwisa Kanjanasrikul

Thai Principle

Ms.Wanwisa Kanjanasrikul graduated with a Master of Science in Educational Psychology from Chiang Mai University and Brain Based Learning (Brain Based Teaching Strategies ) from Jensen Learning Corporation, USA.

I had the opportunity to dig deep into the ‘What’, the ‘How’, and the ‘Why’ of learning through studying the “three brain networks” and how they are connected and work together. This passion has led me to the education field and I feel strongly that children need a place to explore, to be curious and to satisfy and sustain their intrinsic motivation in order to develop a love of learning, gain knowledge and the skills needed to be successful and responsible global citizens. At Bright Seeds, we wish to provide children with opportunity to venture on their quest for knowledge happily and with compassion.

วันวิสาข์ กาญจนศรีกุล (ครูเมย์)สำเร็จการศึกษาศาสตร์มหาบัณฑิต สาขาจิตวิทยาการศึกษาฯ จากมหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่ และด้าน Brain Based Learning (Brain-Based Teaching Strategies) จากสถาบัน Jensen Learning Corporation, USA จากประสบการณ์เคยเป็นอาจารย์ผู้สอนและ ผู้บริหารในสถาบันชั้นนำระดับประเทศหลายแห่ง “Brightseeds(BSIK) ให้คำตอบจากความเชื่อที่ว่า เด็กๆ ทุกคนสามารถเรียนรู้และพัฒนาบนพื้นฐานของสมองที่เชื่อมโยงกันอย่างเป็นระบบ จะช่วยพัฒนาความรักในการเรียนรู้ ความรอบรู้ ผสมผสานกับทักษะที่จำเป็นในการดำรงชีวิตการเป็นพลเมืองโลกที่มีความรับผิดชอบ และส่งผลด้านจิตใจเด็กๆให้เป็นผู้ที่มีความเมตตาและมีความสุขตลอดชีวิต”


Bright Seeds International Kindergarten facilities have been carefully designed to include:

Outdoor playground with a tricycle track and EDPM ground
Facilities for water play and sand play
Vertical garden with planting space
Indoor soft gym for physical education and play time
Kids library equipped with a diverse range of books
Multipurpose room for Music, Art, Dance and Yoga
Dedicated area for downtime and Meditation
A diverse range of Sensory play stations
Air purifiers inside every classroom
First Aid room with a nurse on site during school hours

24 hours security with CCTV on site