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Family Involvement

Family involvement in a child’s education is vital in fostering the development of early learning skills that are also essential in later life. We encourage parents to engage with their child in everyday learning activities. We will provide you with Parent Newsletters at the beginning of each Unit, to help keep you informed about what your child is learning at school and to give you ideas on activities you can do together to enhance their learning.

Term Dates: Academic Year 2021-2022
Term From-To Half Term break
Term 1 18th August - 17th December 16th October - 24th October
Term 2 11th January - 23rd June 28th March - 25th April
Songkran break: 28th March - 25th April

Sample Class Schedule

8.30 - 9.00 Arrival/ Free play
9.00 - 9.20 Morning Circle time (E.g. Song & Rhymes / Stories / Puzzles)
9.20 - 10.00 Creative Development/ Library Time/ Aqua & Sensory Play/ Literacy Centers/ Thai Culture Class
10.00 - 10.40 Toilet routine/ SNACK & OUTDOOR PLAY
10.40 - 11.15 Literacy Centers/ Arts & Crafts/ Mindfulness/ Stretching
11.15 - 11.50 Sports & Gym/ Music & Movements/ Theme Related Activities
11.50 - 12.30 Washing Hands & Lunch / Brushing & Changing / Free Play
12.30 - 12.45 Toilet routine / Departure time for Half day
12.45 - 1.25 Math Centers/ Kiddy Club/ Science & Sensory
1.25 - 2.15 Nap Time/ Child Initiated Play/ Adult Directed Play
2.15 - 2.30 Story time - Departure
*Note: This is a sample schedule and will vary from class to class and day to day

Parents' Handbook

We are honoured that you have entrusted us with your little ones. At Bright Seeds, we embrace the immense natural curiosity of children, their limitless imagination and power for learning. We will do our very best to nurture your child to cultivate a way of life that will allow them to be happy and kind lifelong learners.

Parents’ Handbook 2019-2020